Terms & Conditions

 Elite Diesel Service, LLC Labor Rates
STANDARD- $127 an hour (Labor1)
OVERTIME- $190.50 an hour (Labor2)
OUT OF STATE- $140 an hour (Labor3
OVERSEAS- $160 an hour (Labor4)
Holiday- $254 an hour (Labor 5)
HELPER- $75 an hour (Labor Helper)
HELPER OVERTIME- $112.50 an hour (Overtime Helper)
MILEAGE- $1.35 per mile (Mileage)
MILEAGE W/ TRAILER- $1.75 per mile (Mileage2)
TRAVEL TIME- $100 an hour (Travel1
OVERTIME TRAVEL- $127 an hour (Travel2)
OVERSEAS TRAVEL- $127 an hour (Travel3)
TRAVEL HELPER- $62.00 an hour (Travel4)
TRAVEL HELPER OVERTIME- $75 an hour (Travel Helper Overtime)

All hours are billed from the time the mechanics start to prep for a job until all work & paperwork is complete. Our standard time is billed 8-5 Monday-Friday. Anything before 8 a.m. & after 5 p.m. will be billed at overtime. Anything on weekends and holidays will be billed at overtime.

Travel expenses billed at cost to customer. Whenever multiple boats are involved in a trip every effort will be made to split travel time and expenses fairly.

Return parts subject to 15% restocking fee. No returns on electrical or special order parts. Special order parts subject to deposit.
Parts are warranted by the original manufacture. Core returns must be in original box, meet manufacture core requirements, and be returned within 30 days of purchase.

Our standard warranty is 30 days. Most rebuilds are 90 days. FOB Kemah, Texas. Warranty does not cover loss of use, travel, or expenses.

Torsional Coupling Warranty:
Effective January 1, 2017 Elite Diesel Service will no longer warranty torsional couplings and the labor to replace them either sold across the counter or installed through the service department.